Behaviour Management Plans

Behaviour Management Plans

girl-171207_1920Behaviour Management plans are developed to meet and cope with the challenging behaviours associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) and Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD).  These behaviour plans are based on positive strategies by empowering your child to manage their own behaviour once they have learnt these skills. Psychological strategies are used to address the functions of the behaviour.  Through engagement with you as a parent and with your child the Learning and Behaviour Centre will develop the strategies to  help you and your child manage challenging situations.
Behaviour management plans are a series of actions and responses that can be used to manage challenging behaviours.  In combination with consultation with you as parents or carers, we can also liaise with school teachers and child care to help manage challenging behaviours between your home environment and school or care environment.  Each behavioural strategy proposed will have the justification from observations and reports of behaviour.  This ensures that you and your child understand and grow.

During the time of developing behaviour management plans you are building a story and a book to help you, your family, teachers and schools about your child.  These plans help to understand your child’s intrinsic differences and uniqueness.  It also allows your child to develop all the skills they need to cope in the different situations they will experience in their lives.

Behaviour management plans are tailored to your child’s and family’s unique situation.   Behaviour plans are evidence based and individual, ensuring that you will achieve the results and changes that you desire.

  1. Functional Behavioural Assessments
  2. Group-Based Intervention Programs
  3. BAIIS Program

The Behaviour Assessment, Intervention, Implementation and Support Program

The BAIIS program provides families with in-home (or where relevant) assessment of a child with complex and/or challenging behaviours, the development of a Behaviour Management Plan and its implementation, including ongoing case management and support over 12 months.

This program is designed to provide a holistic behaviour management program for parents and carers of children with complex and/or challenging behaviours. We will work closely with not only the family, but also other stakeholders in the child’s care, including school, respite care, other kin providing care and community programs supporting the child.

Over the 12 month program families will receive:

  • Comprehensive assessment through observations at and consultation with the home, school, respite care, other kin providing care and/or community programs supporting the child.
  • Case and support planning with relevant stakeholders
  • Comprehensive Behaviour Management Plan
  • Training in the implementation of the Behaviour Management Plan, including working closely with Early Intervention Family Services to help implement and put programs in place.
  • Ongoing support and case management during the 12 month program

BAM Program:

The Behaviour Assessment and Management (BAM) Program

The BAM program provides families with a comprehensive assessment and the development of a Behaviour Management Plan for a child with complex and/or challenging behaviours. The assessment will be conducted over a number of visits, usually including the home and any other locations relevant, including school, respite, or community location.

The Behaviour Management Plan will provide a detailed plan of strategies and interventions that are to be implemented by parents, families and carers of the child.

This Behaviour Management Plan can then be implemented with the help of the Intensive Family Support Services team and other family supports, if necessary.

This program provides families and Intensive Family Support Services teams with the option to have specialised assessment and planning provided to most appropriately manage complex and/or challenging behaviours in children with or without special needs.

Specifically, families will receive:

  • In-home or community-based assessment and observation
  • Comprehensive Behaviour Management Plan

If you are interested in referring into our BAM or BAIIS programs, you can contact us – [email protected]

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